The Positive Nutrition Summit played host to a plethora of speaker sessions, in-depth discussions and networking opportunities. The unique experience that the summit offers enabled our delegates to learn, network and connect with the biggest names in the industry, whilst also allowing them free time to enjoy the sights and sounds of London.

The key themes for the 2023 summit were:

  • Rethinking Reformulation: What will Healthier Products Look Like in 2023 and Beyond?

    Nutritionists have been encouraging us to eat more fruit, veg and whole grains for decades - but this approach has failed to tackle issues like obesity. Reformulation and innovation are therefore key to securing a healthier and more sustainable future for food. In this session, we will examine how public health challenges can be met by leveraging technical advances and ingredient innovation.
  • Plant-Based Potential

    Most of us need to increase the plant-based content of our diet to meet governmentbacked recommendations like the Eatwell Plate. But with the term ‘plant-based’ being stretched to include anything from ultra-processed burger patties, to bakery products and vegan nuggets, is there a risk that the plant-based category is falling fowl of health-washing? How can innovation in the plant-based space ensure products are delivering nutritionally dense, clean label products that also meet the organoleptic expectations of consumers?
  • Food as Medicine

    Between dietary interventions that promise to help reverse the onset of NCDs like obesity and a rejection of ‘diets’ in favour of wellness maintenance and body positive weight management, a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between diet and health is coming to shape consumer attitudes to food – and the innovation strategies of the brands that serve them. But, looking beyond the hype, what ingredients and strategies are truly delivering in this area? And how can the benefits be communicated?
  • How Tech is Transforming Wellness and Diet

    Digital technological developments are having a profound impact on what we eat. From digital apps that promise personalised dietary advice and consultation, to AI that can help reformulate products further and faster, we’ll analyse what the digital revolution means for positive nutrition and population health.
  • Lifecycle Nutrition

    The nutrients we need change dramatically as we age. From tot to teen, zoomers to boomers, our bodies need very different diets to support wellness. What innovation opportunities does the deepening understanding of lifecycle nutrition offer and how can the food industry meet the segmented needs of the mass market?