Positive Nutrition Interactive Broadcast Series 2024

Food and beverage manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to deliver nutritious food for the mass market. Excessive consumption of ‘junk’ food has been firmly tied to the obesity pandemic as well as heart disease and diabetes risk. Policymakers are taking notice and responding with tighter regulations, reshaping the HFSS food formulation and marketing landscape.

At the same time, the concept of ‘healthy’ is changing. Where once shoppers were laser focused on low fat, salt and sugar, today’s consumer wants that and more. Demand for natural ingredients boasting functional benefits is on the rise, offering an opportunity for brands to respond with nutrition-forward food and drink.

Which better-for-you trends are resonating most with consumers? And how can manufacturers best align this new future of wellness to mainstream categories, from snacking to drinks and convenience food?

The FoodNavigator Positive Nutrition Interactive Broadcast Series covered Reformulation & Fortification, Plant-Based, Food as Medicine, Personalised Nutrition, Food for Kids, and Free-From.