The FoodNavigator Positive Nutrition Interactive Broadcast Series consisted of six category focused events split into separate sessions. Each session included dynamic presentations, fireside chats and panel discussions with stakeholders from across the industry.

Day One | 12 March, 2024

Reformulation & fortification: Changing trends in healthier foods

‘Unhealthy’ foods are in the spotlight, with shoppers wanting better-for-you alternatives. With these same consumers unwilling to compromise on taste, food manufacturers have a challenge on their hands: how can ‘baddies’ best be removed, and beneficial ingredients added, with positive nutrition in mind?

Plant-based under the Microscope

The plant-based market has boomed in the last decade, with projections it will double in value by 2030. But the recent dramatic slowdown suggests the category is not hitting the mark with shoppers. With health a major driver behind decisions to reduce meat and dairy intake, is the plant-based category’s associations with overprocessing and ‘unclean’ ingredients muddying its reputation? How can manufacturers improve the nutritional credentials of plant-based milk and dairy?

Day Two | 13 March, 2024

Food as Medicine

Today’s consumers are not turning to food and drink for energy alone. A more nuanced understanding of the relationship between diet and health is coming to shape consumer attitudes to food. So which ingredients offer greatest potential in health and wellness? We ask how the latest nutritional science is informing functional food and beverage trends.

Personalised Nutrition: Tapping into data for healthier diets

Developments in personalised nutrition – whereby individualised dietary advice is offered based on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors – continue apace. The market is forecast to grow to over $16bn by 2027. From measuring blood-sugar responses to microbiome diversity, how is this novel sector expected to evolve? Can personalisation ever prove a boon for the masses?

Day Three | 14 March, 2024

Food for Kids

Europe continues to struggle with high levels of childhood obesity. But as understanding around the importance of early years nutrition grows, so too does the opportunity for manufacturers to meet demands for health and functionality. How can industry best support carers and babies in the first 1,000 days, and help set kids up for a healthy future?


The free-from category is changing shape as more and more people follow restricted diets. These days consumers are not only turning away from common allergens gluten and shellfish, but also other widely used ingredients from soy to nuts and dairy. As an increasing number of people eliminate popular ingredients from their diets, what opportunities are opening up in the free-from space?